“Touch is an essential connection to life. My art evolves intuitively through a manipulation of surface, color, texture and form. Tapestry weaves an unconscious thread to the human spirit. These abstract mixed media tapestries inspire the senses to recall a primal source of beauty.

My purpose is to touch people’s spirits with beauty and healing.”     Donna Durbin

I layer concepts, questions, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions into a symbolic language of visual expression. I want my work to move beyond the physical surface to “touch” the soul. As a primal language, textiles are threads of information that speak to intuition and intellect. Each piece of art is open for personal translation and interpretation depending on that individual’s life experience.

My artwork is composed of recycled textiles, used clothing, and scrap paper stitched into collages and mixed media tapestries. My intention is to heighten the sense of touch through the eyes. Touch represents two dimensions, the physical, through the fingertips, and the spiritual or emotional connection through the heart and soul.

These pieces symbolize visual representations of metaphysical concepts connecting mind, body and spiritual associations. Art transcends reality. New life is created with these materials in the same way spiritual enlightenment creates meaning from human struggle.

I use soft materials to weave in feminine principles of impermanence, fragility, memories and the quiet voices of ancestral tradition. Combined with the resilient strength of spirit, these art pieces become a metaphor for the life/death/rebirth cycle of human experience.



Donna Durbin, M.F.A., is a professional fiber artist, speaker, and teacher. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Fibers from Texas Woman’s University in 1991.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Kyoto, Japan.

Her “Texas in Bloom” tapestry was commissioned in 2001 for the lobby of the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Plano, Texas.

Her contemporary fiber art and stitched paper collages are in the collections of American Airlines, The Sabre Group in Fort Worth, Exxon Upstream in Houston, and other public, corporate and private collections.

She received a 2003 Cultural Arts Council Grant for her new interactive art installation, “Lifting the Veil” which explores the archetype of love, marriage and relationship.

She presents programs on textiles as a feminine artform to a variety of organizations including Unity Church of Christianity, Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, C.G. Jung Center, Brigid’s Place and others.

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Donna Durbin