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Donna artwork combines a variety of mediums. Fiber, paint and stitching are used to create large scale mixed media tapestries for public spaces and private collections. Small scale collages are joined by stitching together handmade papers, found images, photos and fabric scraps. Her use of recycled materials brings new life into otherwise discarded scraps of fabrics, images and papers.

In the Heritage Portraits, historical family photographs are stitched together with handmade papers to tell a visual story of the passage of time. These original artworks stitch together the lives, events and personality commemorating that unique person or company's heritage.

Impressions of Italy combine original travel photography with found images and handmade papers. Each collage extends the atmosphere of the country visited into a truly unique photo collage.

From large scale mixed media fiber to small, intimate stitched paper and silk, Donna's collages explore a response to found materials, conceptual ideas and creative interpretation. With a Masters in Fine Art in weaving and fiber, these contemporary tapestries and collages recall the sense of touch and retain the rich textile mythology and philosophy so important in Donna’s work.

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