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"Handwork of the Heart: Woman’s Story"

Women have quietly woven their life stories in the cloth they created, dyed, knitted, stitched and quilted. In ethnic cultures a woman’s character, age, creativity, status and power was communicated in the cloth she made. It was an unspoken language that tied together physical and spiritual philosophies. Cloth represented an artistic medium that spoke of family, protection, healing and gentle strength connecting feminine values to the cyclical process of life.

Learn the symbolic language between hand and heart as we explore textile creation myths and their ritual significance. This slide lecture will have rich examples of ethnic textiles from around the world and artwork integrating this knowledge.

Bring your heart, a journal and handwork to carry on the honored traditions of our ancient mothers’ voices.

Donna Durbin, M.F.A., is a professional fiber artist, speaker, and teacher. Studying the “call of cloth” as her artform for twenty years, she discovered a valuable woman’s history that speaks of spiritual roots and feminine wisdom. Her mission is to educate and inspire women about the gentle strength of the feminine principles expressed through textiles and their creation. Her “Lifting the Veil” installation received a 2003 CACHH grant. With a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Fibers from Texas Woman’s University in 1991, she creates mixed media tapestries for public, corporate and private spaces.

"My purpose is to touch people’s spirits with beauty and healing."

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